What’s Up Wednesday: Snow Mountain Contest Update!

Spring is a transitional season, but here in central New York state, we’re starting to wonder if the transition is from deep winter to shallow winter. Because seriously – still getting snow at the end of March? That’s just wrong.

However, while it feels like winter will never end, the fact is we are slipping above the freezing point fairly often now. And while (to answer Greandal’s comment from last week) the new snow did add a clean coat to the snow mountain, it couldn’t beat out the thaw. Here’s how the mountain looked at 8:45 this morning when I walked Tsarina to school:

mountain1 3-25(Apologies for the quality of the pics. My phone has challenges.)

mountain2 3-25Is it going down? Oh yes. Remember, this is what we had two weeks ago:

snow mountain 2But as you can tell, we still have quite a ways to go.

Now, we are slated to have a run of milder days coming up. I’m looking at the seven day forecast, and we’ll have daytime highs above freezing for 6 out of the 7. More importantly, there’s a lot of rain coming up, and nothing cuts through snow like rain.

What does this mean? It means that for our Snow Mountain contest players –

  • Bonnie: March/24
  • Terri: March 30
  • Greandal: March 31
  • Jean: April 3

– it’s still anyone’s game.


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