Travels With Piggy: In The Land of Mickey

HRH and Tsarina had no school this past Friday, so we opted to cash in some air miles (ALL HAIL AIR MILES) and take Piggy to Florida to work on her tan and have some fun at Disney.

piggy planeThe flight down was easy and relaxing.

Piggy Triceratops

Our first day was spent at the Animal Kingdom. She was particularly fond of the Triceratops ride in Dino-Land.

piggy tree of lifeThe Tree of Life is filled with intricately carved animals.

piggy dino mouth“Don’t even think about biting moi!”

piggy b and b

On Day 2, we ventured to the Magic Kingdom where we scored breakfast reservations at the Beast’s Castle. Unfortunately, they do not serve the gray stuff at breakfast. Piggy was a tad distressed.

piggy bb windowBut after she posed in front of the ornate castle window and signed a few autographs, she was back to her usual cheery self again.

piggy small world

And of course there must be a visit to Small World! Piggy enjoyed the boat ride and entertained a few of her fellow passengers with her own artful rendition of the famous song.

piggy plane

But of course, all good things must come to an end. It felt like we had barely unpacked when it was time to fly home again. Au revoir, Mickey! We shall return!

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  1. kris fletcher says:

    Natalie, not a puppet. She’s an awesome little action figure I picked up years ago. Of course, SHE would tell you that she’s neither puppet nor figure, but a real live diva of awesomeness.

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