Family Friday: The Lazy Mom’s Baby-Book Alternative

Back when I was teaching nursery school, we had to do regular observations of the kids. The director knew that if she handed us a notebook and told us to start, we’d freak, because – wait – all those PAGES! All that SPACE! Instead, she gave us sheets of labels. Address labels. We were to jot a few notes on a label and then stick it onto that kid’s page.

It worked great. So when I had my own kids and wanted to record the things they did (because we all know how easy it is to forget), I knew I wanted something along that calendar

We went with … calendars. Calendars with big squares for each day. Not so big as to be overwhelming, but big enough to be able to jot something like, “Counted to three all by himself,” “First night in a big boy bed,” “Told his brother he was a poopy-head.” (Not that any of my angels would EVER have done that. Noooooo.)

Baby books and calendars with stickers for milestones are awesome, especially for the first year, but after that it was fun to be have the freedom to record things as they were happening. Things like – and these are direct quotes from the February 1993 calendar –

“What does the Count say? “Ah – ah – ah!”

Threw a plastic egg down the toilet as it was flushing. “Bye-bye!”

And a lovely saga of illness, as recorded by Dad;

 Feb. 22: Puked all day from noon to 10 p.m.

Feb. 23: Don’t forget the diarrhea. This is gross.

Feb. 27: Day 6 of diarrhea. If this doesn’t turn you off kids, nothing will.

Ah, memories.