What’s Up Wednesday: Random Updates

  • We have four entries in the Snow Mountain contest!
    • Bonnie: March/24
    • Terri: March 30
    • Greandal: March 31
    • Jean: April 3
  • After a few days of lovely warmth, we’ve turned cold again. Not much mountain melt visible thus far. I’ll post a picture next week.
  • The folks at Harlequin have decided to no longer sell paper copies of Superromances (the books I write) except through Harlequin.com. No more running into a store to pick one up or ordering a paper copy through Amazon, Chapters, etc (though they will still carry electronic copies). The change takes place in April, so my June book, A Family Come True, will be impacted. I admit this saddens me but – at least those who prefer paper can still get them through the Harlequin website. And I will receive paper copies as well, which I will offer in giveaways on Goodreads, in interviews, and in contests. I’ll be sure to let you all know of any upcoming contests so you can enter and possibly win!
  • Tsarina had the most magical St. Patrick’s Day ever. She set up leprechaun traps and guzzled green milk  and was so buzzed that it was like she was walking around with a sugar I.V.
  • If you want to cook a turkey breast so it comes out moist and delicious, toss it in a slow cooker, sprinkle on a packet of onion soup mix, pour in some white wine, and let it cook on LOW for 4-6’ish hours.
  • Kids who would never in a million years eat cooked cabbage could end up inhaling it when you mix it with mashed potatoes and call it colcannon.
  • A random picture for you of – believe it or not – an outhouse. Just because. outhouse 1

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