Meals on Monday: Million Dollar Pasta

Someone posted this recipe on Facebook, and it had all the makings of something that would be a Casa Chaos hit – pasta, sauce, almost lasagna-esque – so I printed it out and gave it a try.

million dollar pastaIt was … okay. You know how sometimes, you’ll make something and think, you know, this has the potential but it’s not quite there? That was I felt after serving this.

In fairness – it was just now, looking at the recipe again, that i saw it said to use an 8 ounce box of spaghetti. I saw “box” and grabbed a regular 16 ounce container (and I used rotini, because we had it). So that could definitely have impacted the final results. Also, the recipe calls for a full stick of butter, which seemed excessive to me, so I cut that in half. Could that have made a difference? Possible. I added some onions and garlic, too, because hello, those are almost required, right?

In any case – this was easy to put together (I made it the night before and threw it in the oven on a very busy night, for which I was immensely grateful) and I would like to try it again. It has a lot of promise. Next time I would use the right amount of pasta and probably spice things up a bit more. Maybe half beef and half Italian sausage? This is definitely a recipe that can be easily tweaked for maximum impact and to suit your own tastes, so it’s worth trying. for sure.


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