Family Fridays: the Family Chair

Remember when I discussed preparing my office for my FitDesk, and I said I relocated the big chair-and-a-half that was being used mostly to hold stuff I couldn’t be bothered to put away? Well, I thought you might like to see what happened to it.

cozy reading 1

We’ve had this chair for about 20 years now. It’s huge. It’s heavy. It has a stain on the cushion where one of the boys threw up on it, and the frame is poking out of the back. But I love it anyway. With a soft fleecy blanket tossed over it to hide the stains and rips, it has many years of life still ahead. It’s the perfect size for settling in and reading, or cuddling a sick kid, or just sitting with someone you love and laughing together. It has plenty of hollows to hold a book and a phone. The arms are in just the right place for swinging your legs up and over.

And now that it’s out of my office and in the living room, it’s seeing all those activities again.