Family Fridays: St. Patrick’s Day Fun

There’s not a bit of Irish blood in the veins of anyone here at Casa Chaos, but that has never stopped us from having fun with St. Patrick’s Day. Tsarina is already spending way too much time on Youtube, hunting for ideas for a leprechaun trap. I have stocked up on green food coloring for the traditional, “Oh look, the leprechaun peed in the toilet!” incident. There will be a note from the leprechaun, and there may even be a little treasure hunt, depending on how awake I am that morning.

And there will be this:

pot for goldI needed to make a bunch of little pots of gold for folks who succeeded in a challenge run by my RWA chapter, so I ran to the craft store last week with my list: tiny clay pots, green paint, glitter, and more. I zipped through the aisles and gathered my supplies. I got in line (a very LONG line) and inched past a display of St. Patrick’s Day paraphernalia, including these little pots.

(Let me digress for a moment to say that the pots were plain black when I bought them. However, the display also included sheets of stick-on jewel things, including the horseshoe and others you see in the picture. Sticking them on the pots was my own idea. Am I not the ultimate in creativity?)

So there they were – perfect little leprechaun pots and the means to decorate them. Five minutes work for me versus an hour or so (which would stretch over two days, because that paint would need to dry.) Best of all, everything in the display was HALF PRICE, meaning this route would cost even less than the fiddly, more time-consuming one!

I rearranged my plans so fast, it’s a wonder my brain didn’t come to a screeching halt.

I grabbed the new supplies and returned the old ones to the shelves. After I had bejeweled all the pots needed for my chapter, I had one left over. Tsarina will find it at the end of a rainbow (or a trail of four-leaf clovers, or something) on St. Patrick’s morn.

Sure and the luck of the Irish was with me that day 🙂