What’s Up Wednesdays: The Great Office Makeover, Part 2

A few weeks back, I shared pictures of my very messy office and my need to get it whipped into shape to accommodate my new FitDesk. I’m pleased to report that while I’m not finished by any means, things are a LOT better than they were.

First, I got rid of the big chair that took so much of my space. It’s now in the living room, where it’s seeing a lot more (and more appropriate) use. It’s not just a repository for bags anymore!

Next, I piled all the bags, etc at one end of the office. I didn’t dare take any pictures of that. People might have removed my children from the home if they saw that. But I have been chipping away at it, slow and steady, one pile at a time. Here’s how it looks today:

office 3-3Still in need of weeding, but its getting there.

With the chair gone, I was able to push the bookcases back against the wall. And with that, there was finally space for this:

bike 3-3I tell you, it is the BEST place to sit and work! I’m constantly trying to move my work from my desktop to the alphasmart or my kindle, just so I can do it at the FitDesk.

I still have a lot of sorting and weeding to do, but progress is being made. Wooohoo!