Travels With Piggy: Gymnastics!

No, Piggy has not become an Olympic gymnast, though she certainly could do it if she were able to take the time away from making movies and snuggling with Kermie. But as we all know, she is always willing to make time to help les petites enfants, and that’s exactly what happened this past week. piggy boxTsarina’s school runs a gymnastics unit every year around this time. As you can imagine, no matter how awesome the teachers (and trust me – we are talking a HIGH level of awesome), setting 40+ kids loose in a gym filled with equipment  and just the teachers would be invitation to start filling out insurance claims. Enter parent and Piggy spotters.

piggy ropePiggy loves kids, of course, and is quite to establish a rapport with them. She encouraged them as they walked the beam and vaulted onto the box. In turn, she obliged them by demonstrating some of her favorite moves from her days training for her guest appearance with Cirque du Soleil.

piggy uneven parallelHer favorite has always been the balance beam. The kids were astounded by her ability, especially when she pulled off a double somersault.

piggy beamBut once all those impressionable little eyes had filed out of the room, she let down her hair and entertained the teachers with her Miley Cyrus imitation.

piggy swing rope