Casa Chaos Update – February Edition

FebruaryFor such a short month, February sure packs a punch, both event-wise and weather-wise. Here at Casa Chaos I think it might take us to mid-March to catch our collective breath.

The first week of February was all about HRH, as she was in final rehearsals (aka Hell Week) for her school’s production of High School Musical Jr. The schedule was complicated by a snow day (and probably a two-hour delay – I have lost count of how many of those we’ve had), but the kids pulled it together despite the extra challenges. HRH was tired but very happy with the performances, and VERY excited the next Monday when she got to come home at a normal time and then STAY home.

Week two featured a hat trick of big events – my birthday, Friday the 13th, and then Valentine’s Day. I celebrated my big day with two of my favorite guys (Ben and Jerry), then spent the night packing. Friday the 13th brought us another two-hour delay followed by a trip to the airport and flights to San Francisco! Despite the Bad Luck date, our flights were on time and as easy as they can ever be. And folks – if you want a plane ride that’s almost a treat for the kids, go JetBlue. With individual televisions at each seat and a good variety of child-friendly programming, the six or so hours of the flight passed almost painlessly.

There’s pictures and more info about the trip on yesterday’s post, so I won’t go into detail here. Suffice it to say that we walked a lot, ate a lot, had a few moments of extreme grumpiness (one week of constant togetherness will do that to you), but mostly had a relaxing, refreshing week away.

And now, here we are, home again. Our boys in Boston seem to be digging out from the storms that have slammed them (was it wrong to send them pictures from the beach while we were in San Francisco?), and our time with Maestro and the Saint was a wonderful chance to touch base and reconnect. The laundry is done, the suitcases are back in place, and March is just around the corner. Which means spring could start to appear in a few weeks. Which means no more snow/cold days or delays. Which means I might actually get through some of the writing, which is WAY overdue and starting to make me hyperventilate the teensiest bit.

I do like winter, but my kids haven’t had five full days of school in a row since December. I’m kind of ready to have a full week to attack that to-do list!

What I’m Reading This Month:

as you wishAs You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From The Making Of The Princess Bride, by Cary Elwes.

Yes, folks, Westley wrote a book filled with stories and memories of how one of the most beloved movies out there was brought to life. After reading about the work he and Mandy Patinkin did to prepare for the Westley/Inigo sword fight, I will never ever think that acting is a cushy job. It’s a light, engaging read, the perfect thing to snuggle down with after a long day. And if it fills your head with sweet dreams of your own adventures with the Man in Black, well, hey. As you wish 🙂

What I’m Listening To:

Over and over and over.