Mealtime Mondays: Lasagna Soup

I think I first saw this recipe on Facebook. One click and I was a goner. I hit Print and put it on the menu.lasagna soup I made a few changes. Instead of using all ground beef, I used half beef and half turkey Italian sausage. I didn’t have crushed tomatoes on hand, so I went with two cans of diced ones. And I didn’t have ricotta, so I subbed in cottage cheese. (I know. I know. But we were getting pounded with snow and I wasn’t going out to the store just for ricotta when we had cottage cheese taking up space in the fridge.)

This was really good. All the flavors you love in lasagna, and nowhere near the amount of fuss. The recipe says it makes about 5 servings, but we all ate it at dinner the other night (some of us having two servings), Tsarina and I had it again the other night, and there’s still a bowl or two left. Toss up a salad, maybe make some garlic bread, and you have a winner of a warm, filling, comforting meal.

lasagna soup 2