What’s Up Wednesday: 250 Books!

Marie FThis month, author Marie Ferrarella is celebrating an amazing milestone: the publication of her 250th novel with Harlequin.

Take a minute and let that number sink in. Two HUNDRED and fifty books. Her first book was published in 1984. If you average it out, that comes to 8 – 9 books/year, though I have read that these days, she actually produces one book/month. Let me reiterate, folks. She’s not READING one book/month. She’s WRITING them.

Color me gobsmacked. And impressed. (And suddenly feeling like a major-league slacker, but this isn’t about me, so, you know, moving on …)

Entertainment Weekly named her the fifth most prolific romance writer of all time. She has won a Romance Writers of Marie coverAmerica RITA™ Award for best Traditional Romance, and Romantic Times Magazine named her a Career Achievement Winner. She has sold over 22 million books, been translated into 25 languages, and has written for twelve different Harlequin lines. So what inspires her to keep writing?

Bills.  I also have an almost physical need to write. If I’m taking a break (around Christmas, usually), I can go about two to three weeks without writing and then I start making annotated grocery lists, longer texts, etc. I actually need to write to stay happy.

(I tell you, I have never met this woman, but I like her already.)

You can read more about Marie and book number 250 on the Harlequin blog. And if you’d like to know more about some of her favorite plots, check out this interview from Romantic Times.

And the next time you catch me whining that I have to do, please slap me and remind me that I have a long, long way to go.

Marie 250

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