Travels With Piggy: Career Day

piggy career day 2Piggy and I took part in a Career Day at Tsarina’s school. What a hoot! The kids were polite and had some great questions & observations. (One of my favorites was the second grade boy who looked at my covers and said, in a delightful accent, “I see you write the books about the family.”)

I was very relieved that we weren’t sharing a table with the handcuff-wielding police officer. That could have led to way too many innuendos and probably a complaint or two to the Board of Ed. As it was, we were placed with a local politician. He was very nice. So were his minions. And I played nice and refrained from breaking out in this song, much as it pained me to hold back.

(Piggy may or may not have hummed a few bars under breath. I’ll never tell.)

I took along a bunch of books and gave them out to some of the teachers and other presenters. We laughed a lot and gave a bunch of kids the scoop on editing and revisions and rejection and covers and all those other things that they like to know, and a very good time was had by all. Cross your fingers that we’ll be invited back next year!

Piggy career day 1