Family Fridays: Cleaning Night

cleaningI know, I know. Cleaning? When did THAT become a family activity?

Well, here’s the thing. I will ignore/put off/deny cleaning as much as anyone, but there are times – and places – when it must be done. Places such as the husband’s office, which sees a good number of people visit on a daily basis and must be maintained.

Since family is all about sharing the work as well as the fun, cleaning the office has become something we do together. But it doesn’t have to be ALL work, which is why Friday nights will often find me loading the girls in the van and driving to Daddy’s office, where he will have a take-out dinner treat waiting. We sit around and eat pizza or Chinese food while catching up on our day. Then we each head to our designated spots and start cleaning. Floors get mopped, toilets get scrubbed, carpets get vacuumed and papers get organized. (And, more often than not, Tsarina gets reminded that yes, she needs to stop playing and do her part. Nobody said these chores were always done cheerfully 🙂 At the end of the night we drive home, sweaty and often achy, but usually laughing singing along to the radio.

It might not be the most fun out there, but it works.