Casa Chaos Update – January Edition

To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, it’s been a quiet month here at Casa Chaos. Between revisions, other deadlines, and festivities, the last part of 2014 was a bit of a challenge. It’s been nice to have time to sit back and, you know. BREATHE.

Of course there have been adventures and excitement. While I went on my writing retreat, Hubs took the girls to Phoenix for a long weekend visit with his brother & brother’s family. The highlight of their trip had to be the hotel pool. They swam five times in three days!

And the Geek had quite an adventure as he spent nine days helping a friend move cross country. They allowed plenty of time for sightseeing along the way. Some of the more memorable sights:

this tombstone at the NASA Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s for Miss Baker, a squirrel monkey who was the first U.S. animal to go to space and return alive. See what’s on top of the stone?

Monkey Tombstone

  • Elk at the Grand Canyonelk
  • And seeing the Geek turn into a cowboy. Josh CC cowboy shadowOther than that, it’s been back to the regular routine. I finished the final edits for A FAMILY COME TRUE and am working on a couple of new projects. HRH is in rehearsals for her school’s production of the junior edition of  High School Musical. Everyone is back to school and work and the lovely comfort of the regular day to day. All is well.

What I’m reading this month:

Two StepTwo Step Temptation is the latest from my dear friend MJ Fredrick. I JUST got it on my Kindle yesterday, and I can’t wait to dive into it this weekend! Here’s the blurb:

Sage McKenna likes to be in charge. In fact, without her as the driving force, the town of Evansville, Texas, wouldn’t be undergoing such a transformation. She’s the one steering the revitalization of downtown, keeping her fingers in as many pies as she can reach—renovating shops on the square, running the Sagebrush Saloon, making plans for a bed and breakfast. She’s busy night and day, unwilling to give up control of any of her ventures. She certainly has no time for love.

Musician Flynn Tscheulin is trying to build a name for himself, playing his music at small bars across Texas, following his dream. The Sagebrush Saloon in Evansville still smells of sawdust when he pulls in for his three-night commitment. The uptight blonde who runs the place is nothing like he expected, and he’d love to delve beneath her cool exterior and find her inner fire.

One night shakes up all the carefully laid plans, and the two have to adjust the future they’d envisioned. Can they make room for each other?

What I’m Singing:

I heard this song at HRH’s district-wide choral festival, sung by a select high school group. Blew me away. It’s been in my head ever since.

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