Peep Jousting

joust 3Many years ago, the Geek introduced us to the joys of Peep Jousting. I have to say that those lovely bits of marshmallow and additives could come to no better end than to be speared by toothpicks and microwaved for the viewing pleasure of children and adults alike. joust 1

If you have never set your Peeps against each other, you must give this a try. It’s easy, fun, and keeps folks entertained for WAY longer than it should.

  1. Stock up on Peeps at after-holiday sales. The chicks work best – their shape allows them to sit stably on their own. But you can make other shapes work also, as shown in my amazing photographs.
  2. Put your Peeps on a microwave-safe plate.
  3. Add toothpicks in approximately the spot where a knight would hold his lance, assuming he were built like a rabbit or a chick or whatever shape your Peep inhabits.
  4. Position them so the ends of the toothpicks are close but not touching the opposing Peep.
  5. Put the plate in the microwave.

joust 2Close the door, huddle around so everyone can see through the window, and hit the button. It won’t take long. Your Peeps will puff up, swell, and seem to move toward each other. In less than 30 seconds, one Peep will likely have impaled the other. The winner!

I tried to document all the action as my Peeps faced off, but alas, my phone doesn’t like to send the videos I spent way too much time making. Instead, I offer this delightful bit from the Baltimore Sun. If this doesn’t make you want to run down to the store and haunt the aisles for half-price Christmas Snowman Peeps, then nothing will.