What’s On Deck – January 8

deck shot 1-8

Looks pretty innocent, doesn’t it? Snow, but not too much. Hang on. Let me give you another perspective.

Screenshot 2015-01-08 07.46.19

Yep. It’s COLD out there today. (Remember, friends in the rest of the world – those temperatures are in Fahrenheit. Translated, we’re talking -21C in temperature, -28C with the wind chill.) School was delayed two hours, and even though I rue the loss of a third of my work day, I was very very glad to not have to send my girlies outside in the worst of this weather. That wind chill – or “windshield,” as Tsarina calls it – was scary. We stayed snug and warm and safe inside our cozy house for as long as possible. I’m hoping the same was true for all of you.