Back Cover Copy!

Oooh oooh ooh, the back cover copy – you know, the little teaser on the back cover of a book – is now up for A Family Come True. This is always so exciting for me. How is my 85,000 word book going to be described in approximately 100 – 150 words? What elements will bear the focus? Will it sound interesting? Compelling? Intriguing?

I must say, I think that whoever wrote the copy this time really nailed it 🙂 I couldn’t hold back the squee when I read this description. Here’s hoping the world loves it as much as I do!

It started with a kiss… 

Ian North is the one person Darcy Maguire can always count on. So when her daughter’s biological father shows up unannounced, she knows Ian will do whatever it takes to help. A kiss, however, is the last thing she expects. 

Suddenly their little white lie is out of control. They’re spending Father’s Day with Ian’s family and lying about being a couple. Only pretending isn’t enough for Darcy anymore. Ian is the best father her daughter could have, and she’s ready to make it official. But how can she know for certain where the lie ends and reality begins?

Wheee!!!! Now to await the next big step: the cover!