Slow Cooker Risotto

crockpot risotto

Here’s the thing: I really really like risotto, but I really really don;t like the way most recipes require you to stand and stir and stir and stir while it’s cooking. I understand that it’s a great way to work off the calories you’re about to consume, but the reality is that if I were to attempt this, my stir-fest would be interrupted at least five times, once for a minimum half-hour homework and/or housekeeping emergency. Instead of creamy risotto I would end up with wallpaper paste.

Thus, I was beyond delighted to discover the recipe for Creamy Crockpot Risotto on the Year of Slow Cooking blog. The only tweak I make to the recipe is that I saute my garlic just a little before adding everything else. My slow cooker has the risotto ready in 1 1/2 – 2 hours, max, and oh, talk about creamy and garlicy and easy and SO GOOD.  Sometimes I add Italian sausage to it. (Those are the days when I suspect I must have been very very good in a previous lifetime.) I’m usually a brown rice gal, but there will always be a place on my menu for this risotto. Trust me. It tastes way better than it looks in the picture. I give this recipe – hmmm, not two thumbs up, that’s been done – oh, I know! It gets 4 out of 5 doughnuts, and I’m only taking off one doughnut because nutritionally speaking, yeah, it’s kind of lacking. But if you want a slightly wicked indulgence, you will be very happy with this winner.