Celebration Plates

I’ve read about this tradition, but haven’t taken it up yet. I think this is the year to start.

It’s very simple. You have one plate, unlike any of your regular ones. Maybe it’s a gorgeous one you found at a yard sale. Maybe it’s one you have made, such as this one I found on Etsy:

celebration plateThe plate stays tucked away until needed for a Special Day. Birthdays are obvious, but I’ve heard of families using these plates for things like a great score on a test you feared (or just surviving that test!), being cast in the school play, finishing the first draft of a book – anything that leaves you happy. Or, sometimes, this plate will appear when someone has had a truly crappy day and is in need of a reminder that she is, indeed, loved and celebrated.

If you have a Celebration Plate, let us know how you use it. I’d love to hear your ideas!