What’s On Deck …

For the past few months, I’ve been doing something fun on my Facebook author page: taking a picture of my deck each Thursday to show how the winter comes and goes (and comes, and goes, and comes and comes and comes and slowly goes) in central New York. But with a new year dawning, the time is right to do some tweaking.

deck shot 1-1-15Here’s my deck today. Looks pretty empty, doesn’t it? But like the year ahead, it’s not barren. It’s just … waiting. And if you look closely, you can see the seeds of this year’s promise, scattered about.

deck confettiThose are bits of confetti from our New Year’s Eve celebration. Little bits from 2014, shiny and sparkling and filled with love and hope, carried into this open and waiting 2015. I can’t wait to see how they will unfold in the days ahead.

I’m going to post the deck shot here on the blog each week (but it, like all other blog posts, will feed to my Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Goodreads and probably some other places lost to my ever-grasping brain). I’m changing up the blog schedule, too. Here’s what you can expect to see here in the coming months:

  • Mealtime Mondays – in which I share a favorite recipe with you. I would call it food porn, but my photography skills aren’t that good.
  • Tuesday, Travels with Piggy. (That would be MISS Piggy, not me.) My little Miss Piggy is tucked into my purse, ready to help me document this year’s adventures.
  • What’s Up Wednesdays will continue to feature news, announcements, and updates on life here at Casa Chaos. There will also be visits from Moxie North, matriarch of the North clan in some of my Comeback Cove books. She’ll keep us informed of all the news from my little town on the river.
  • We’ll see What’s On Deck on Thursdays. Brace yourself. January is usually an interesting month.
  • And Fridays are for Family time: traditions and activities for families to share. Some will be drawn from my crew. Others will come from the usual sources. (Translation this is my excuse to hang out on Pinterest.)

The cast of characters will remain the same, for which I am exceedingly grateful. So will my amateur photography and corny jokes. And one thing that will only grow is my appreciation for all of you who take a few minutes from your busy days to stop by. I hope that your 2015 is also starting with with glittery seeds of love and joy and excitement.