“You Are So Loved.”

Many of you will remember that on October 22 of this year, a gunman shot a Canadian soldier, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, as he stood guard at the National War Memorial. While most people in the area fled, some ran toward the shots to help the fallen soldier. Among them was lawyer Barbara Winters. A former member of the Naval Reserve, Winters – and the others who ran to help – had some medical training. These strangers came together and worked as a team to try to save Cpl. Cirillo. They traded off duties – chest compressions, pressing on wound to staunch the bleeding, elevating his feet. And Ms. Winters, who had never met Cpl. Cirillo, spoke to him of love. She prayed over him. She told him how much he was loved – by his family, his military family, his friends. She reminded him of the honorable duty he’d been performing and that he was a good man. While others cleared the area and no one knew if the gunman was still in the area, Barbara Winters and a handful of others willingly stayed to care for Cpl. Cirillo – both his body and his heart. Why? Because, in the words of Ms. Winters, “When you are dying, you need to be told how loved you are.”