November Casa Chaos Recap

November was an intense month filled with deadlines, projects, friends, and – oh yeah – American Thanksgiving. There was a whole lot of awesome but also a lot of work. I mean, how often do you hear a middle-aged mother say that December will be her month to take a break?

In writing news, the next Harlequin has been revised and (as mentioned in a previous post) has a title. Yay! These revisions nearly did me in. I’m waiting to hear back from my editor and crossing every possible appendage that I didn’t make things worse 🙂 I also completed another project I can’t really talk about yet (mostly because I don’t want to jinx it, LOL!). There will be edits on the Harlequin arriving any time now, but for the moment, I get a breather.

We had a great visit from long-time friends at the beginning of November. Hubs zipped down to Atlanta for a family Bat Mitzvah and had a great time reconnecting with everyone. We celebrated Tsarina’s Gotcha Day (six years with us!) and gave thanks that we missed the Buffalo snow disaster. And before we knew it, it was American Thanksgiving! The Mensch came home, as did Maestro and the Saint (her first trip to Casa Chaos. I so hope we didn’t scare the poor girl.) The Geek and Geekess spent this holiday with her family, but we will have them over Christmas, hooray.

Speaking of Christmas – I just made my December schedule/plan. Well. I WILL be busy. The good news, it’s almost all awesome stuff. Bring it on!

What I’m Reading This Month:

stupidest angelProbably my favorite Christopher Moore (though it may be in a dead heat with LAMB), this short little book reunites many beloved characters in a story of angels, hallucinations, talking fruit bats, and a zombie Santa. Yes, I know. But trust me: The Stupidest Angel is laugh-out-loud warped funny, and still manages to work in some peace on earth & all that wonderful jazz.

What I’m Cooking:

Oh please. what am I NOT cooking! There will be cookies and casseroles and Christmas fondue and cinnamon rolls and cranberry bread … and White Trash. We make this every year, and it is one of our most beloved Christmas traditions.

What I’m Singing:

It’s not Christmas without Straight No Chaser and their Twelve Days of Christmas.