The Town That Cared

This month, my Monday blogs will take a different focus to talk about people who care – folks who have stepped up and done something extraordinary to help others. There is often heartbreak mixed in with these acts of love, but when else do we most need to know that others are there to hold us?

When it became obvious that four-year-old Ethan Van Leuven was not going to defeat the leukemia he’d been fighting for half his life, his parents wanted to make the most of the short time they had left with him. The entire town of Jordan, Utah joined in the effort of celebrating the holidays early so Ethan could have one last Halloween and Christmas. On October 21, the town turned out to trick-or-treat. Ethan went out with them in a Superman costume. Two days later, there was a parade to celebrate his fifth birthday, one month early. October 23 brought Christmas to the town, complete with decorations, carolers, and a ride on a fire truck – with Santa and Mrs. Claus – for Ethan. His family celebrated Christmas Day on the 25. Three days later, Ethan died, surrounded by those who loved him and an entire town that cared.

You can learn more about this amazing community and their efforts to help Ethan and his family here.