Writing, Writing, Writing …

Apologies for disappearing into the ether last week. I was busy wrestling with revisions for my June book, and oh, let me tell you, they did NOT want to be pinned. But I somehow made it through and sent them to my amazingly patient and insightful editor. Whew! The book will come back to me for two more rounds of edits, so this is not the end of our time together, but – assuming I made things better with these revisions, instead of worse – the biggest chunk is now behind me.

And oh! It has a title! A FAMILY COME TRUE. Which is utter fun, since for the bulk of the book, these folks are pretending to be – well. More details to follow 🙂

So how do I celebrate completing a major project? By diving head first into another, of course. Something I can’t really talk about, but I have a couple of weeks to get it all prettied up and ready to go. That would be plenty  of time of we didn’t have Thanksgiving in there, but such is life. Nose to the grindstone now, schedule the days carefully, and it will all get done.

And there will even be pie. So, win.

pie 2