Not-So-Manic Monday: Mega Meatballs

With the pace picking up and the holidays approaching, in November I’ll be sharing some of the ways I’ve found to help a bit with cooking. One of my favorites is to make mega batches of meatballs at a time – like, five pounds worth.

Here’s the thing. It takes a little longer to make a huge batch at once, but definitely not five times as long. By my best estimate, I need about 20 minutes to make one pound of meatballs, but only half an hour to make five pounds worth. So, a little longer on the front side, but it’s a real time-saver to be able to spend the next few weeks grabbing a Tupperware of meatballs from the freezer, dumping them into a crock pot full of sauce (from a bottle – go Paul Newman!), and walk away knowing that all that’s left to do at dinner time is boiling pasta & making a salad. Which usually comes from a bag, so there ya go.

Five pounds of meatballs requires a good size bowl:

meatballs bowl

And a few minutes of mixing. But it’s a great feeling to pull this out of the oven:

meatballs cooked

And know that there’s at least 5 meals ready to go.