It’s Beginning To look A Lot Like – Family Calendars

For many years now – maybe since the first kid left for college – I have loved making photo gifts for the members of the family. I’m a huge fan of Shutterfly, but I know there are other services out there. My favorite is to create calendars filled with pictures of all the siblings, their milestones, their goofy poses, all mixed with personalized pages listing important events in our family’s life. Birthdays, graduation dates, Gotcha Days, Canadian/American/Jewish/Christian holidays can all be included. Sometimes I’ll make photo books of special events, or holiday cards, or even fun mugs, but Christmas morning always includes a moment when everyone gets a family wall calendar.

Part of this is laziness on my part – my attempt to make sure that those who have moved away still have an easy way to be reminded of birthdays. (Some of them need all the help they can get 🙂 ). But it’s also great fun for me to pick the photos (I can upload them all throughout the year and store them online), taking a little walk down memory lane and reviewing the year gone by as I choose and place and highlight. With our family scattered across two continents, it’s a great feeling when I can give everyone a little bit of family to keep at hand,

And of course, no discussion of calendars – personalized or not – would be complete without an appearance by Neil Sedaka. Get a load of this!