(Not Quite) Live, From (Northern) New York …

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great fun of taping an interview for a new show being produced by WPBS-TV, the public broadcast station for book-talk-web-logonorthern NY. They’re putting together a show called Book Talk, which will feature short little talks with local authors. A large chunk of their viewers (70%, they told me) come from eastern Ontario. You know. The area where my Comeback Cove books are set. So of course I was delighted to have the chance to talk about my books for a show that will be broadcast to their “home” area.
The interview itself was a lot of fun. There were just four people in the room for the taping – me, the host, the camera man, and another woman whose title I didn’t catch. The host, Erika Flint, was very welcoming. She explained what questions she would be asking, so I had time to wrap my head around possible responses. They clipped a mic to me, someone counted us down, and boom, we were taping.
Erica’s questions were interesting and easy – no romance-bashing here. I felt like the interview was going long (we had eight minutes,) but when Erika wrapped it up, we still had almost two minutes to fill! I suggested a topic or two, we resumed taping, and through the miracle of editing, those extra minutes will be seamlessly integrated into the segment.
It looks like the the interview will be posted online. I’ll be sure to let you all know when it’s up! In the meantime, next week, there will be a book signing and kickoff event for the show. I’ll be there along with some friends, so watch for pictures and a full report next Wednesday. In the meantime, check THIS out:

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