Casa Chaos Update – the September Edition

Excuse me. Who stole my month? I feel like the girls just went back to school last week, but ack, we’re already at the five-week interim marking period!

This month added fewer miles to my aging van than August did, but it still contained many major events. The girls returned to school. The Mensch went back to his university. Maestro started student teaching (in addition to his classes). The Geek also returned to his after-work studies. I spent a blissful weekend at a friend’s cottage for a seriously-needed writcn towering retreat, then holed up in my office to make my deadline. Since handing in the book I’ve been working on other writing projects, thinking a bit about the holidays, doing some volunteer work at Tsarina’s school, and baking. And reading! I’ve had time to read again!

We ushered in the Jewish New Year at Rosh Hashanah, and then – because the girls had a four day weekend – Hubs and I took them to Toronto. We hung out with friends and family, played tourist around the CN Tower, explored the Toronto Zoo, swam in the hotel pool, and sat in traffic. A LOT of traffic. Turns out Toronto’s gridlock is worse than New York City’s. Who knew?

Scattered in there were the usual homework assignments and cello lessons and trips to the playground and visits to apple orchards – all those bits and pieces that make up fall in our lives. And now it’s time for October, my favorite month of the year. Rake some leaves with me and let’s jump in!

What I’m reading:


When The Rancher Came To Town, by Emma Cane.

What I’m Cooking:

Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodles

(Seriously, guys, you must try these. Ultimate cookie! I would have taken a picture but they all kind of disappeared …)

What I’m Singing: