Daily Laundry

I know, I know. We’re all drowning in laundry, and here I am, suggesting you do it more often? But bear with me.
I resisted the idea of doing laundry every day until I tried using Totally Together: Shortcuts To An Organized Life by Stephanie O’Dea – an awesome little calendar that breaks down and schedules household chores. She suggests a number of tasks to be done on a daily basis. I wasn’t so great at most of them, but I was already cleaning bathrooms each day and I knew that sometimes, it’s easier to make something part of the regular routine than to have to think about it. So now I gather up a load of clothes each morning while I’m getting folks ready for school, throw it in as soon as they’re gone, and switch it to the dryer (or hang it in good weather) during a break from writing. The next morning I parcel it out during the morning routine, refill the basket, and start over again.
Is it faster overall than dlaundryoing it once or twice a week? I have no idea. Do I wash things the way I learned back in Home Ec, separating the whites from the darks from the brights? Nope. This worried me for about two days, until I realized that all our clothes are so old that there’s no dye left to run anymore  What does concern me is that laundry is no longer a real chore. It’s simply part of the routine, like brushing teeth or making school lunches, which means I don’t have to devote any thought to it. My brain is challenged enough as it is. Anything that can ease some of that load – thereby freeing up more processing power for things like plot twists and character quirks – is absolutely fine by me.