Guest Blogger: Writer’s Block

Hi folks! Today I have a very special guest who has asked to remain anonymous, but I can tell you this: she is very near and dear to my heart. We are ever so lucky to have her share her thoughts with us today. Enjoy!


Writer’s Block

Italics=extra notes/thoughts
What to write… what to write… hmm. Sound familiar? While I was pacing around the kitchen, (not too stalkery I hope) figuring out what to write for this blog post that is what was going through my mind. Not knowing what to write for a book, a paper or anything is most possibly the worst feeling ever, especially if it’s due a certain day. (so much negativity…replace with corny joke?) Writing block happens to everyone. Yes, it does. No matter how cliché it sounds, it does. I can’t count how many times I’ve never had any idea what to write, and had to write the story off of no ideas, or creativity. It sucks. I’m not going to sit here talking about what you can do to prevent it; there are plenty of other blog posts like that out there, go look for it yourself. (Too demanding… figure out after snack break) In all seriousness though, I feel like doing something like that doesn’t hold a reader’s interest for a long period of time. I know what does though… Story time! (What am I a preschooler… really need to work on transitions.) 
As many parents know, kids have to take an English benchmark from 3rd grade and up. No, not the Common Core tests, but those are pretty bad too. In the benchmark test, on the second day of testing, you have to write a story that is similar to the one you read, that relates to your own life. Now the story I had read was about how a guy had learned something from a dog. When I read the essential question for the essay, I sat there for half of my English period staring at my paper, not knowing what to say. I had a major case of writing block and couldn’t do anything about it. Nothing I had ever done had traced itself back to a dog. I mean, I don’t stare into the dog’s eyes and go, “Oh wise one, what moral does thee have for us today?” (ooh good use of fancy language) That was a huge no. I really had to dig deep into my soul (sounds so gypsie-ish) to find a decent story. Even when I knew what to write, the story wasn’t that good. I only had 2 minutes left in class to finish up! (Whoops. Possibly been caused by sitting and staring out the window.)
So you see, even kids get writers block. I’m not going to make this paragraph super cheesy, (at least try not to anyways) but say writers block pretty much sucks. And everyone gets it at one point in their life. Preventing it so dang hard, but once it’s over, you’re off and running. (Figurative language. I’ve never actually seen this happen.) In any case, you can see where writers block can affect your writing in your life. It’s annoying, frustrating and cruel; plus several other choice words that I probably should not know. In any case, (as cheesy as it sounds) don’t let it get to you. (Note to self…really got to stop this cheesy crap… driving me nuts.) It’s normal, I promise. (Maybe I should look that up … just in case I’m wrong. Possibly get DNA checked to make sure I’m not an alien? )

2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Writer’s Block

  1. patty says:

    I’d be careful in letting this anonymous writer do much more. He/she is very good and just might steal your fans! Nice writing. If I were grading it I’d give it an A.

  2. kris fletcher says:

    Yep, these guest bloggers are a risky proposition. But sometimes they’re so good, you just have to take the chance 🙂

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