So It Really WAS a Manic Monday

The deadline for the next Comeback Cove book was September 15 (that would be this past Monday). To say that I was racing to the finish would be a serious understatement. When school started, the first draft was done and the second draft was almost there. But I have this problem: it takes me forEVER to get a handle on my story people. Which meant that, 3/4 of the way through the second draft, I started seeing all these THINGS I had missed.  And some scenes were in the wrong place. And these problems with character motivation. And oh crap, my heroine had no goal!

aeroFrom Sept. 2 (when the kids went back to school) to the 15, I worked on the book every day. Some days there wasn’t as much as there should have been, but it was essentially a two week marathon to the deadline. The last few days passed in a frenzy of words and junk food (and I will forever be grateful to Tsarina’s gym teacher, who told me where to find Aero bars in central NY, and Hubs, who made a special trip to buy them).  On the final day, I put on the Serious Writing Hat, broke my Aero into pieces, determined what I had to accomplish to earn each piece, and got to it.

At 10:30 that night, I hit SEND. writing hat

The post-sending panic has already begun (OH DEAR LORD, WHAT IF I TOTALLY BLEW THIS???), but for the most part, these days are the best part of writing. The goal was met. The book is in. And for the next blissful week or two, I don’t have to think about those people any more.