Goal Setting

I love making lists, and I love, love, love setting goals. I get ridiculously happy when I can cross an item off a list and mark it GOAL MET. (Things are not quite so pretty when I don’t achieve what I planned. Let’s just say, when that happens I make Grumpy Cat look like the life of the party.)

But setting goals does more than give me a cheap thrill – it helps me keep my life organized. (Because after all, this IS a Not-So-Manic Monday post.) I set goals for the year. Those get broken down into monthly goals, which translate to weekly goals, which form the base of my daily goals. Yes, sometimes I call it a to-do list, but really, it’s the daily increment toward the gigundo goals I have for the year.

Over the years, I’ve developed very personalized ways of keeping track of my goals. The annual ones are written up in November/December, and often shared with a core group of friends at a January get-together. I make charts for the monthly goals. Each week I report on my progress toward those monthly goals, aScreenshot 2014-09-08 06.13.30nd send that report to my goal buddies.  Daily goals are handled via the sticky note program on my desktop computer. Once a week, I set up a sticky note for each day that lists that day’s goals, appointments, meetings, or whatever. Most important, there’s a note marked DONE that sits beside the list for that day. When the goal is met, I get to erase it from the daily list and add it to the DONE column. There may or may not be a happy-happy-joy-joy dance that accompanies the transfer.

I don’t have a day job, but I do have a lot of kids and an ever greater number of people and stories in my head. Setting goals this way means that I have to use less brain power on the everyday, thus freeing up more space for plotting and dreaming. Win-win.

I do love learning about other ways to manage goals, so if you have a system, please share it in the comments. I’m always up for a new approach!