Casa Chaos Update – the August Edition

I almost feel like I shouldn’t call this a “Casa Chaos” update, because at times it felt like we spent this month anywhere but at home!
There was a trip to Boston for me and the girls, to load the car with the Mensch’s things and bring him home after his summer session. He immediately took off to work at a music camp.
The girls and I traveled to the Great White North for my family’s annual Beach Day get-together. While there, I zipped to Toronto for a visit with my awesome Harlequin editor Piya Campana and the rest of the Super team.
While we were gone, Hubs did an overnighter to NYC to take in a play that the rest of us refused to see.erie2
After being home for two nights I was off again, this time to the greatly-anticipated writing retreat with my buds. Can you say, “best part of the whole danged summer?”
tug of warWhile I was gone, Hubs took HRH to HER favorite part of the summer, camp at a working historic village. Later this week we’ll bring her home, just in time for the Tsarina’s birthday.
Oh, and somewhere in there, I finished the second draft of the next book. Talk about a packed month!

2 thoughts on “Casa Chaos Update – the August Edition

  1. kris fletcher says:

    It’s been a wild and fun ride, for sure, Mary. But I must confess – if it had been spread out over the entire month instead of just the last two weeks, it would have been a lot easier!

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