School Lunches

Guess what happens next week here at Casa Chaos? THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
Yes, I am just a tad excited. My girls went to a half day program for a good chunk of the summer, but that ended after the first week of August. We’ve had a looooooot of togetherness since then. I’m pretty sure they’re ready to spend some quality time with folks other than their immediate family (awesome as we are), and I KNOW I’m ready to have full days for writing and everything else on the list.
Of course, there’s always a catch. In this case, the catches include homework (we can deal), getting up earlier every morning (for the girls, not me – I’m always up at 5:15), and packing school lunches.
Yeah. I can safely admit that I haven’s missed this one.

I have learned a couple of tricks to help. The first is, don’t wait until that morning to pack a lunch – do it the night before. As soon as they come home each afternoon is even better. Mornings are full enough without complicating the process by dealing with lunches at a time when everyone else is in the kitchen getting breakfast. Who needs that kind of extra confusion?
The second thing I’ve found helpful is to hand over the lunch-making responsibility as soon as you feel your child is ready. In our house, starting high school means you’re now on your own, lunch-wise. Pack your own or have us add money to your school lunch account, but once you hit the big leagues, Mom is out of the picture. I could probably start a year or two earlier, but this is the timeline we’ve established and it’s working, so I guess I’ll roll with it for another kid or two 🙂
Now if only I could find lunch stuff that Tsarina will actually agree to eat …