Hanging Laundry

So far, my Not-So-Manic Monday posts have dealt with ways to slow down and/or stay organized. Today, though? Today is all about hanging the laundry.
Hanging the laundry out to air dry is good for the environment, we all know, but fitting it into a full day? Not always that easy. Nor do many work schedules afford the flexibility that makes it possible to drop everything else for fifteen to twenty minutes and take advantage of the sunshine – or race outside if dark clouds at midday mean the laundry has to come back in ASAP.
And yet, I still feel that hanging out the laundry, whenever possible, is a great way to bring a little pocket of peace to a day. Consider these points:

  • It gets you outside in the fresh airlaundry
  • It gets you moving and stretching. (Remember this?)
  • It has a repetitive, almost meditative quality that lets your mind wander and dance
  • It makes you feel virtuous. You’re working against climate change! Protecting the ozone layer! Helping to save the planet!
  • It looks so pretty, swaying in the soft breeze
  • It feels very wholesome and old-fashioned, like at any moment Ma and Half-Pint might appear to say Howdy.
  • And there’s no fabric softened or dryer sheet in the world that can compete with the scent of clothes dried on the line. As for slipping between sheets that have dried in the sun – oh. That, my friends, is one of the most amazing pleasures a woman can have.

So if it’s at all possible, try hanging your laundry once in a while. It might not save any time, but the few minutes it takes can be time very well spent.