July at Casa Chaos

July has been a fun month here at Casa Chaos. The first week was filled with celebrations – Canada Day for me, the Fourth of July for Hubs & the rest of the family, and the release of Dating a Single Dad. We traveled to Maine (Hubs’ old stomping grounds) for the long Fourth weekend. There were fireworks, lobsters, games of dodge-the-iceberg at the beach (that ocean water is COLD!), and tons of laughs with family we see only a few times each year. We also got to experience the gridlock that is exiting southern Maine on the Sunday of a long weekend. Yowzers!
Tsarina and HRH have been attending the half-day playground program run through our town. That’s when I get the bulk of my writing work done. It ends in early August, and already, I’m freaking over how I’ll get anything done once it’s over.
We squeezed in a day trip to visit more relatives at their lake house. It was a long drive – 3.5 hours each way – but oh, what a hoot to paddle pool2around the lake and eat delicious barbecued chicken and see all the changes in scenery and kids! Tsarina discovered that a kiddie pool (the rigid plastic splash ones) makes an excellent pseudo-boat. She sat in there with her life jacket and kayak paddle while we took turns towing her around the dock.
Usually, July would include a trip to the RWA National Conference for me, but it wasn’t in the cards this time. It was certainly fun (in a jealousy-inspiring way) to see all the Facebook photos and tweets from friends who were in attendance. Next year in NYC, for sure!


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