Project Bags

When I was looking for a way to organize my writing materials, I wanted to find something cheap, easy, and – because I often end up writing in the car or at the playground – portable. Also, I needed a quick way to access my things for church committees, critique, and Tsarina’s keep-busy-in-church supplies. I looked around my office and saw the pile of bookbags from past conferences, and thought, AHA!
For a while I had one bag per writing project, but that quickly became too hard to keep straight. Now I have:
• One bag for abagsll the current writing projects, complete with resource books, my binder of most used workshop handouts, a notebook for each project, and assorted index cards and writing supplies
• A grab-and-go bag with my alphasmart and the essentials for whatever is the current primary project
• A critique bag, with notebook and files for my cp’s work
• A church work bag, with a notebook, Bible, and materials for current projects
• A Tsarina church bag, with drawing supplies, quiet toys, and (usually) my Kindle
• A CNYRW bag – with all the supplies for meetings of my local RWA chapter, the Central New York Romance Writers
Having these ready to roll at a moment’s notice makes it easy to grab what I need, when I need it – and since I’m usually racing to get out the door on time, I’ll take all the help I can get!