What’s-Up Wednesday: The Great Story Juggle

One of the aspects of this writing gig that still challenges me is how to handle the way stories overlap. I don’t mean the storiballs 2es themselves, overlapping in time, but the way I often need to be working on two or three books at once.
For example, right now I am:
• promoting Dating A Single Dad
• finishing the first draft of the next Superromance, due in mid-September
• plotting the book that I hope will come after that, first in a new trilogy, assuming the good folks at Harlequin want to buy more stories from me
• planning the other two books in the trilogy. Not in depth. Just enough that I have all the important issues in place before I embark on the first book.
• And I have this other idea kicking around in my head that I would love to give some time to.
So that’s, what – six books competing for various bits of my attention? And we haven’t even mentioned the steps that come after I hand a book in!

It’s a good thing that I have a bazillion kids. That was probably the only way that I could possibly prepare for juggling all these stories.

4 thoughts on “What’s-Up Wednesday: The Great Story Juggle

  1. I only have two kids, and they’re mostly able to fend for themselves. They even help a bit around the house. I am having a hard time juggling the competing demands as well. First two books are out and I’m trying to help them find readers. And I need to revise the third book and resubmit it to my editor. The first draft of the fourth book is about a third of the way finished, and I have an idea for the heroine of one after that if readers want more. And I always feel like I should be devoting more time to whatever I’m not doing. I need to finish the next book, but it won’t matter if no one buys the first two. But if they love the first two, they’ll want the third as soon as possible.

    Better get back to work.

  2. kris fletcher says:

    Kristina, it’s a real mind-bender, isn’t it? And I thought I was busy before I sold! But dang, how I love seeing all those books in your pipeline, you multi-published author, you 🙂

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