Not-So-Manic Mondays: Five Minute Workouts

Last week we talked about squeezing in some book time. This week, it’s the other end of the spectrum.
We’ve all seen the headlines and read the reports. Sitting, they say, is the new smoking. Working a desk job with prolonged periods of sitting increases the risk of just about everything you can imagine, plus the heartbreak of psoriasis. Even if you get regular exercise, too much sitting still carries too many risks. 
So what are we supposed to do? Treadmill desks area great solution, but not all of us can afford/keep up with that. I made the switch to standing to work years ago, and though the first few days were a challenge, it’s a manageable, practical way to at least get off my butt. But it’s still not moevement.
One easy answer? Youtube. There’s a metric bazillion of short (3 – 5 minute) walking or workout videos there – ones you can do easily and quickly beside your desk. I’m particularly partial to the ones by Leslie Sansone, such as this:

Is a five-minute walk mid-afternoon as good as moving consistently all day? No. Probably not.
But neither can it hurt.