What’s Up Wednesday, the Early Edition: Release, Canada Day, and WINNER!

It’s a big big day here at Casa Chaos.

NumbeDating a Single Dad - coverr One: DATING A SINGLE DAD is now available!  It’s an amazing day for an author when she knows her book is out in the world. Also a little scary. You have to hope that you (with the amazing guidance of your amazing editor) got it right, because it’s too late to make those brilliant changes now!


Number Two: It’s CANADA DAY! It’s hard to find maple leaf-themed items here in Upstate NY, so the girls and Iflag toes made Canadian Flag tee shirts, I assembled a Canada Day playlist, and we’re heading to the store to buy the fixings for poutine. Plus, I got inspired and gave myself Canadian Flag tootsies. Because – well, why not?



Number Three: We have a winner! CAROLYN B. is the winner of the Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Package! Congratulations,  Carolyn!

And now I shall go take a nap. Happy Canada Day!!