Not-So-Manic-Mondays: Audio Books

This has been a full time here at Casa Chaos, as we transition from the school year to summer break. It’s always a challenge to find time to read, but over the past couple of weeks – with many special end-of-year events, half days at school, word counts that still must be met and a book releasing July 1 – reading has sadly fallen way off the table. At least, leisurely reading on paper or a screen has slipped away.
Enter audio books.
My friend Gayle Callen/Emma CaneFannie Flagg is a huge fan of audio books while walking, and now I know why. I’ve started borrowing them from the local library (all done online in our system – bonus!) and most days, that’s been the only way I’ve been able to connect with a story other than the one I’m writing. I know people who swear by them for commuting or long car rides. I listen during my morning walks/jogs, and sometimes while yanking weeds or washing dishes. I’m grabbing some book time without needing to steal from the limited number of minutes available for writing. Because hey – I NEED my Fannie Flagg fix!