What’s-Up Wednesdays: June at Casa Chaos

June is ojunene of those momentous months here at Casa Chaos. The Mensch and Hubs celebrate birthdays, it’s Father’s Dad, the Stanley Cup finals are taking place (and, this year, the World Cup),but biggest of all, it’s the end of the school year. In this part of NY the kids go well into the second half of the month. Fine by me. I happen to think school should be year-round, 9 to 5, and that there should be a sleepover option when Mommy has a deadline.

But that might be pushing things.
My big goal for these remaining weeks days of school is to come as close to possible to finishing this draft of the current manuscript. It will still need work (oh, the scary), but getting this draft behind me will be a huge relief. There’s also a novella in need of polishing, plans for future books to write up, and about 4.97 thousand end-of-school activities open to parents. Which translates as “If you don’t go your kid will be the only one without a parent and she will cry and be traumatized and you will end up paying for your absence in the form of therapist bills, so suck it up and go, Sparky.” Yes, I will be the mother hiding in the back of the room, frantically scribbling notes when no one is looking. I’m shameless that way.

What does your June look like?