Not-So-Manic Mondays: Cozy Night

Want to know the best way I’ve found yet to keep your Mondays from verging on manic? It starts on Sunday. Today and the next two weeks will focus on things to do on Sunday to help make Monday easier. I promise, not one of them will mention laying out/ironing your clothes ahead of time.
I remember a day, youngsters, when Sundays were lazy. Sometimes I was even bored! (Let me tell you, I can’t remember the last time that’s happened.)
Between the years, the kids, the job (Hubs) and the writing (moi), Sundays have turned into a catch-up day, one filled with kid activities and/or chores and/or work that didn’t get done during the week. Sometimes there’s a movie at the cheapie theater or an outing, but even those can be accompanied by guilt or slight resentment as I fret about all the things I should be doing instead of, say, watching a llama being shorn.  (Which is really very cool.)
Last December was particularly taxing. Not only were Sundays filled with the usual church/homework/cleaning dance, there were Chrbed booksistmas activities AND I was in charge of the Sunday School pageant at my church. Sundays were so far from being a day of rest that Mondays became triply challenging. And in case you’re wondering, nope. The weeks didn’t get any better as the days went on.
In desperation, I made a new decree. Sundays could be as crazy as they had to be, but at eight on Sunday nights, we were all going to drop everything, get into our jammies, and climb into bed. Books were allowed and even welcome. No work, though, and no TV or other electronics besides e-readers. Our job was to unwind, have some quiet time, and get a decent night’s sleep before diving into the new work week.
It worked beautifully. Cozy nights, as we called them, became a welcome moment of peace in our weeks, one we all needed and have come to treasure. It was a most welcome step towards keeping us a bit more balanced and making our Mondays not quite so manic.