What’s Up Wednesday: Contest!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Dating a Single Dad and my new website/blog, I’m having a contest. Here’s the scoop.
Q: What can you win?
A: This Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Pack!


prize packageIt’s a bunch of my Brynn’s favorite goodies AND a DVD of one of my her favorite movies, Dirty Dancing. Note that the movie in this picture is a stand-in: the winner will get to choose either a regular or Blu-Ray copy.

Q: Oooph, looks good! How do I enter?
A: I’m glad you asked! Entering is easy. Everyone who subscribes to my newsletter (sign-up in the lower right corner) and/or “Likes” my Facebook page (use the handy-dandy gizmo in the lower right corner) is automatically entered. If you subscribe AND like, you have two chances instead of one!
The fine print: because of shipping costs, this prize pack will be shipped only to addresses in the US/Canada. If the winner should reside elsewhere, the prize shall be a gift certificate to the online bookstore of the winner’s choice, in an amount equivalent to $35.00 US.

Q: I’m in. When will I know if I won?
A: The winner will be drawn on July 1, 2014 – the day the book is released AND Canada Day. Didn’t that work out well?

Q: Why do you call this the Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Pack?
A: I’m thinking of this excerpt (spoilers omitted):
BRYNN WAS HALFWAY through her forty-fifth viewing of Dirty Dancing, three-quarters of the way through a bag of ketchup potato chips and fully immersed in the kind of pity party she despised. She’d seen Hank’s truck pull in a few minutes earlier, heard the sad, solitary slam of one door. She had paused the movie and held her breath and waited, even though she knew she was the world’s biggest fool.
But she had pulled off another happy ending. … She deserved some kind of celebration, some kind of reward for making herself relive moments of passion to help jump-start her cousin’s love life. Was it wrong to wish that the reward involved something other than Patrick Swayze and a bag of grease?
Apparently so, because that solitary slam was followed by…nothing. No footsteps on the path, no knock at the door, no invitations to help while away some child-free hours. Zip, zilch, nada.

She snuggled deeper into Old Faithful, grabbed another handful of chips and started the movie once again. Maybe this time Baby wouldn’t make the jump and Patrick Swayze would leap off the screen in search of a real woman who—
Something crunched outside.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or email me using the Contact box on the right. Good luck!

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  1. The book sounds like lots of fun. Please don’t include me in the gift because it’s filled with stuff I crave but can’t eat. However, I crave and can read your book!

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