New Month, New Book, New Blog

So here’s the deal: I’m diving back into the blogosphere. (Cue the thunderous applause.)

Many times over the last year or so, I found myself wanting to share things with friends – things that would be difficult to do via Facebook or Twitter. A blog seemed like the perfect solution. And what better time to launch it than when I have a new book (and all the accompanying stories) to share with the world?

There was one little drawback in the plan: my days are not exactly scintillating. I’m a writer. That means I get up, get everyone off to work & school, and park myself at the computer. If it’s Wednesday, I go to the grocery store. Sometimes I volunteer at one of the schools. Sometimes I have a dentist appointment. All important to me, but not the stuff of which fascinating blogs are made.

With that in mind, I devised a plan. (Cue menacing laughter.)

• On Not-So-Manic-Mondays, I will blog about little tricks and tips that I have found useful over the past (can’t-count-that-high) decades. None of them are very revolutionary and very few are original, but I promise they will all be things that have worked for me and carry my Amazing Seal of Approval. Will they work for you? That, I can’t answer. But hey – it’s worth a shot, right?

• What’s-Up-Wednesdays will be a time to share any writing news and/or catch up on the events here at Casa Chaos.

• I have a plan for Fridays, but that will take a little longer to get rolling.

One last thing: there are certain people I refer to quite often, because, you know, they live with me (or did, until they had the nerve to grow up.) For your reference:

• Hubs – the husband. He’s here all the time, and that’s a good thing.
• The Geek – oldest son, who works/studies/lives in the Boston area with his lady love, The Geekess.
• Maestro – second son, in grad school in California.
• The Mensch – third son, doing his undergrad work at a school in Boston.
• HRH (Her Royal Highness) – eldest daughter, lives at home, attends middle school.
• Tsarina – youngest daughter, also at home, attends elementary school.
• The Fraulein – former exchange student/daughter of my heart, who lives in Germany but is still very much one of us.

(And for those of you doing the math and realizing that there’s a biiiig span between The Geek and Tsarina – not to worry. No laws of biology were tampered with here. My girls came to us through adoption – HRH from China, Tsarina from Russia.)

With the intros out of the way, let’s all grab a beverage (iced latte for moi), pull up a cozy chair, and settle in. Welcome aboard.


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